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how to connect anycast to android

AnyCast DLNA Airplay WiFi Display Miracast.... Miután előző posztomat törölték ( a Fordító nem bírt vele) újra írom tömören. A kütyü a TV HDMI portján keresztül csatlakoztatja az Android… ... More

how to delete songs off iphone from itunes

Did you download too many songs to your iPhone or need to free up iPhone storage to update iOS? Maybe you need to delete the default U2 album? Whatever your reason is, here youll learn how to delete an album, song or all music from your iPhone & iTunes. ... More

how to clean green off copper sink

Copper kitchen sinks can be further divided in apron copper sinks (or farm copper sinks), non-apron copper sinks (over-mount or under-mount ones),and bar copper sinks (usually smaller size). Bathroom copper sinks can also be divided in drop-ins, under-mounted, over-the-counter and above the counter (copper … ... More

how to open my passport hard drive on mac

Step. Click "My Passport" on the left side of the program window and then select the "Erase" tab. Click the "Mac OS Extended" option in the "Volume Format" menu, then click "Erase" to format the drive for your Mac. ... More

how to draw wendy from peter pan

This video shows you how to draw peter pan step by step. The instructor begins the video by having a preset outline to follow that must be copied to understand how the character will be formed correctly. ... More

how to cook spider crab legs

How To Reheat Crab Legs: Four Ways To Do So. Ways to reheat crab legs. Tips in choosing crab legs. Conclusion. Ways to reheat crab legs. There are several ways to reheat crab legs. And all of them are so easy you should be able to do them in a few minutes. Steaming crab legs. I think this is the easiest way to reheat leftover crab legs. It’s very simple to do. Simply boil a pot of water. Put ... More

how to delete saavn subcription from laptop

Simply cancel your current credit card/in-app subscription before subscribing to a Spotify Premium, KKBOX Premium, Saavn Pro, TIDAL Premium, TIDAL HiFi, Deezer Premium or Deezer HiFi Music Account via Singtel Music. ... More

how to create a room in fortress

Designed to impress and indulge, The Fortress Room is a harmonious blend of modern luxury and colonial charm. It’s the perfect abode for those in search of Sri Lanka luxury beach resorts with spacious accommodation as The Fortress Room comes with a sizable sleeping area decked with a … ... More

how to create a dovetail joint with a router

Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig - How to Rout Half-Blind and Rabbeted Half-Blind Dovetails. How to cut dovetail joint with the router table. How to cut dovetail joint with the router … ... More

how to cut a pear into cubes

Apple and Pear filling. 1.5kg pink lady apples . 1.5 William pears (left to soften and ripen until golden yellow – almost over ripe) 2 tsp caster sugar (depending on the … ... More

how to change sink faucet

How To Replace A Bathroom Sink Faucet - This page is designed to enable you to find out approximately the a broad range of materials and styles innate utilized in the present kitchen sinks. ... More

how to download maps from google maps pc

Step 3: Using your mouse to drag Google My Maps APK file to KOP Step 4: Well done! Now you can play Google My Maps on PC, just like Google My Maps for PC version. ... More

html how to add an image as a background

Am new to html and learning to design an UI. I wanted to add a background image or theme through the below code. But it's displaying only the color ,not the image.Please let me know how can i ... More

how to create a pie graph in illustrator

In Illustrator, you can create different types of graphs and customize them to suit your needs. Click and hold the Graph tool () To create a single pie graph, plot only one row of data, either all positive or all negative values. Single pie graph data To create multiple pie graphs, plot additional rows of data, either all positive or all negative values. By default, the size of the ... More

kingdom come how to aim bow

Aiming is rather hard with the bow as theres no reticle. You aim by watching the tip of the arrow. Alternatively, watch the left side of your hand. Because you are not holding the bow perfectly straight the arrows tend to fly further to the left from where the arrow points. Also aim a little bit above your target. The arrows drop very quickly (the arrow drop also depends on type of bow and ... More

starcraft 2 how to change portrait

15/07/2017 · Hey Leprechaun, thanks for your post! The rewards tab as been removed and all of the items that were in it have been moved to the new tab called "Collection". ... More

how to draw a face from the side anime

Here is a great Anime & Manga Side Profile View Face / Head Drawing Method that is very easy to draw with very impressive results. Adjust the construction guide. Here is a great Anime & Manga Side Profile View Face / Head Drawing Method that is very easy to draw with very impressive results. Adjust the construction guide . How to Draw Anime and Manga Faces and Heads in Profile Side View. … ... More

how to build trust at work exercises

If youre a leader, and you build vulnerability-based trust, you will attract top-talent. If you are an individual contributor and you help establish vulnerability-based trust on the team, your peers will want to work with you. ... More

how to draw your name fancy

If you want that special look to your signature, add in some special marks to make your name look more fancy. Such could be like rapping your last letter around the name or adding some lines to the bottom. Maybe even a smiley face. ... More

how to draw man figure

You drew them when you were a child: stick people that lept, danced, fought, or just stood around in the landscape of your childhood art. And if you learn how to draw them again, they’ll help you enormously when you are sketching in public places. ... More

how to change icons windows 10

... More

how to cut hydraulic hose

Most types of hydraulic hose fittings are designed to tolerate heavy use and abuse. Most hydraulic hose fittings can last for a long time but once the fittings break down or are severely damaged, you will need to replace them immediately to prevent causing more damage to your hose. ... More

how to delete photos from prisma

How to Prevent Prisma from Saving Original Photos to iPhone Camera Roll No longer want the app to save original photos to your Camera Roll; you have the option to prevent it from doing so. Follow the steps from 1 to 2 mentioned above. ... More

how to start a non profit dance company

Not-for-profit organisations. This page has been replaced. Please go to Legal structures for community groups and not-for-profit organisations for up-to-date information. ... More

how to change printer ip on acer for printer

Use one of the following methods to connect and find the printer’s IP address. Log into your router’s configuration or setup page. Find the printer’s IP address listed in an attached device or DHCP Clients section. Press and hold the Wireless button on the printer until it blinks, and then press and hold the WPS button on your router. Wait for the wireless light to stop blinking and ... More

how to break a lease on a rental property

I am on a month by month periodic lease in Melbouren Victoria Do I have to give a months notice from the date that I pay my monthly rent or can I give notice after Ive paid my monthly rent and if so is it up to me to retenant the property or will I have to pay extra up until the new payment is due ... More

how to cook red cabbage for roast

Crispy Roast Pork Belly With Red Cabbage. I have my Mother in Law visiting this week and this dish is a follow up to my instant pot pork chop with red cabbage dish. It … ... More

how to cook calrose rice in a rice cooker

Perfect Instant Pot Calrose Rice Recipe (Pressure Cooker Calrose Rice): Super easy to make Asian-approved Calrose rice in less than 30 mins! via @pressurecookrec . Instant Pot Calrose Rice ... More

how to change default kindle store

To access the Lending Library, head to the Kindle Store on your device, and select the drop-down menu for "All Categories." The Lending Library will be all the way at the bottom of this list ... More

how to change the ip address of this computer

How to change the IP address (Computer) in Remote Desktop for your hosted connection to the server - PC Print. RSS. If LMS Support advises you of a change to your computer name or IP address for your hosted Links solution you will need to complete the following: 1) Right click the Desktop icon you use to connect to the hosted server 2) Select EDIT 3) Update the 'Computer' to … ... More

how to add surface texture in solidworks

Go to the Cut Extrude feature > Select your Text Sketch > And use the Offset From Surface option to create a text in the same surface direction as the curvy surface. I ... More

how to change name on land titles qld

New change of name requirements by ACT Land Titles office Increase in processing time for QLD FHOG applications New change of name requirements by ACT Land Titles office Effective immediately, customers must supply evidence documents when lodging a Change of Name with the ACT Land Titles Office. Depending on the reason for the change of name, a customer must provide ... More

how to connect pc to android phone via wifi

There was a time when the only way you could share files between your Android device and a Windows computer was by using a USB cable. These days, there are wireless options available that make it ... More

how to download field of fire

Games Being Played Right Now Latest Searches field of fire online game, spiel let, ssb online game, Alien Insects, boogie-Wings, none, retrouprising, the amazing spider-man 2 games, speed up pokemon yellow gameplay, dragon ball zeta, none, ... More

how to delete your old facebook account

I have so many facebook accounts because I always gave my old phone to 1 of my grandchildren @they log me out@I forget password, can you please help me to delete them, I ... More

how to download rosetta stone spanish full version crack

Rosetta Stone Spanish edition is the full version. Rosetta Stone Spanish Crack Activation code is a Very simple tool. The help of it this you learns foreign language naturally and ... More

how to download adobe 13

Adobe provides an executable full installer, as well as .deb and .rpm packages for Linux version of Adobe Reader. As of this writing, the "Canonical Partners" repository is not updated with Ubuntu 13.10, so you cannot install Adobe Reader from the Canonical Partner … ... More

how to change language on supreme site

10/01/2009 · Hi, I don't think it's possible because the EPG infos are sent by the provider and 'til now I didn't see a channel which offers the choice between two or more language on it's EPG infos. ... More

how to cook crumbed chicken patties

17/11/2016 Chicken Burger Patties Akis Kitchen Subscribe: https://goo.gl/z44Ems Recipe: http://akispetretzikis.com/en/categor... Chef: Akis Petretzikis Director: Leonidas ... More

how to avoid gas formation in stomach

But, some people produce excess of stomach gas that is very inconvenient to bear. Taking appropriate dietary measures is the best remedy to reduce the gas production. Here are some simple tips for controlling stomach gas. • Carbohydrate rich foods are the major culprits for gas formation. Hence, reduce the consumption of foods rich in sugars. Sugars such as lactose, raffinose, sorbitol and ... More

how to make your sneeze come out

Don't hold it in. Sometimes you feel the urge to sneeze when you're in a meeting or it's the quiet part of a play or concert. You might do your best to stifle the reflex so you don't let loose ... More

how to become a childcare worker in ireland

Childcare Worker Career. Job Description: Attend to children at schools, businesses, private households, and childcare institutions. Perform a variety of tasks, such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and overseeing play. ... More

how to download from superchillin

Rules & Announcements The latest news and updates regarding Cracking Forums can be found here. ... More

how to draw a grandfather clock step by step

Step By Step Diy Worm Farm - 12 X 12 Storage Sheds Step By Step Diy Worm Farm Free Plans Grandfather Clock Steps To Build A Pole Building . Step By Step Diy Worm Farm - 12 X 12 Storage Sheds Step By Step Diy Worm Farm Free Plans Grandfather Clock Steps To Build A Pole Building How To Build A Small Roof Over My Door. Easy Shredded Chicken Breast. Step By Step Diy Worm … ... More

how to become a cooking teacher

Cooking together is an incredible bonding experience. Learn how you can pass on your chef skills and start hosting cooking classes for the public. Learn how you can pass on your chef skills and start hosting cooking classes for the public. ... More

how to change activity statement delivery preference

Example. If an online channel (other than ELS) is used to receive activity statements and paper is not also being received, then you will need to contact us if you want to change the delivery … ... More

how to cook on a weber grill

When you're grilling meat on your Weber barbecue, you're typically exposing it to intense, direct heat. This cooks the meat very quickly and browns it well, but it doesn't allow a lot of time for heat to penetrate into the interior of the meat. With a steak or a chops, direct heat isn't a problem. ... More

how to duck walk dance

Examples from the Web for . duck-walk Historical Examples of duck-walk A two-mile trudge across a duck-walk over 'b——y meadow' brought us to the famous Ridgewood Dug-outs. ... More

how to drink scotch whisky on the rocks

The nose of this ‘Sound of Islay’ dram offered fish boxes, lobster pots and tarry driftwood, beach bonfires and peat smoke – we also found heather, iodine, … ... More

how to create a phone game app

Try the app in a realistic environment, just like it was downloaded on your phone from the app store Interact with your app to see and feel the experience it provides Test your apps features and make sure the layout is intuitive ... More

how to draw a megalodon step by step easy

How To Draw Megalodon How To Draw Megalodon, Megalodon Shark, Stepstep, Dinosaurs How To Draw Megalodon Drawing Megalodon From Hungry Shark World - Youtube How To Draw Megalodon How To Draw A Megalodon Shark Stepstep - Note9 ... More

how to delete collection on iphone 7

13/08/2013 · Best Answer: Photo Library contains a collection of all your imported photos from iTunes on your computer. Hence, these photo cannot be deleted directly from iPhone. Apple does not allow any changes to be made to imported photos. Thus, to delete these photos, simply connect your iPhone to … ... More

how to build a muskoka chair

Muskoka Chair Plans Diy. Muskoka Chair Plans Diy Low price for Muskoka Chair Plans Diy check price to day. on-line searching has currently gone a protracted approach; it's modified the way customers and entrepreneurs do business these days. ... More

how to build a starling bird trap

starling and sparrow traps Show: All Manufacturers Andrew M. Troyer Bird Abodes CUE Nature House Trendsetter Great ways to protect your colony from invasive pest birds, snakes, owls, hawks, and more. ... More

how to change a powerpoint from read only

The Mark as Final command makes a presentation read-only, but it is not a security feature. You or anyone who receives an electronic copy of a presentation marked as final can reverse the Mark as Final status and edit the presentation. ... More

how to clean a sex doll

Does the RealDoll come with some sort of douching apparatus? Yes:Doll Cleaning Kit This is the standard cleaning kit we send out with each doll, now available for purchase by itself. ... More

how to cook chicken momo

Chicken Momo is a non-vegetarian Tibetan dish famous as a street food snack. This famous momos recipe is a type of dumpling and mainly relished as a main course by ... More

how to change guardianship of a child

What is a guardian? A guardian is a person appointed by the State Administrative Tribunal to make lifestyle decisions for a person with a decision-making disability under the authority of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990. ... More

how to create a poll on facebook page

Weve also had various forms of polls within the Facebook app over the years, but for the past several years theres been no one way for both people and Pages to easily poll friends and ... More

how to turn on an inuction cooktop cook

An induction cooktops electromagnetic projection evenly penetrates the entire surface of your pan, with no warmer or cooler spots, so theres no need to shift the pans position while you cook. The temperature is also maintained precisely, without any slow ... More

how to carry out a manual handling risk assessment

This record should include details of any hazards noted in the risk assessment, and action taken to reduce or eliminate risk. This record provides proof that the assessment was carried out, and is used as the basis for a later review of working practices. ... More

how to create word shortcuts on mac

If thats the case, yours may not work, and youll have to come back here to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and click on the original shortcut you created to press a ... More

how to join teleconference call

You can create a conference (3-way) call with other parties using the conference feature on your Polycom phone. A conference call can be created with an active call or a call that is on hold (on the same line or from another line on the phone) by either pressing the More or Join ... More

how to connect laptop to tv with chromecast

Tab casting can also be used to route locally stored content (such as downloaded TV episodes and movies) to the TV, which is not really what Chromecast is designed to do. Simply use Chrome to ... More

how to connect ue boom

22/07/2013 Pairing/Connecting your UE BOOM using NFC (Near Field Communication) - Duration: 1 Setting up the "Double Up" feature on your UE BOOM using the UE BOOM App - Duration: 1:50. Ultimate Ears ... More

how to clean a marushka

Aesthetic Art Retro Pattern Classical Art Prints For Sale Vintage Designs Screen Printing Spectrum Clean Lines Original Art. spool spectrum: Marushka. Anica Hickman. Marushka. Nature Made Vitamin B-12 500 Mcg, Tablets, 200-Count . Silk Screen Printing Fiber Art Textiles Frame Gallery Prints Illustration Vintage Fabric Art. MARUSHKA 36 x 18 Silkscreen Print of Birch Trees with Frame ... More

how to keep face clean and healthy

10/11/2016 How to Keep Your Face Clean Top 5 Health Tips ===== ===== 1. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Don't scrub your face dry, be gentle. The skin on your face ... More

how to cook christmas ham nigella

Toni's Coca-Cola Christmas Ham. My mother-in-law's less messy adaptation of Nigella Lawson's recipe. Great any time, all year round and leftovers are fantastic on sandwiches for school lunches. ... More

how to build a dirt ramp

Motocross & Dirt Bike Ramps A dirt bike loading ramp from Discount Ramps is the quick, easy way to get your ride on and off a trailer or truck. We have extra wide dirt bike ramps, folding motocross ramps and other styles to handle any bike. ... More

how to completely delete iphone

iPhone Data Eraser is such a program that protects all your personal information by deleting the data completely on your iPhone when you are selling or donating it to someone. You can choose to delete the notes only or erase the whole device. It will utilize military standard algorithms to destroy the data on the iPhone to make it unrecoverable even by the FBI agents. It can also clean junk or ... More

how to become a professional chef in usa

This phase of the interview should be an opportunity for you to become more expansive about your work and especially the aspects of your culinary skills and professional attributes likely to be of most value to the interviewer. ... More

how to build an enclosed garden

How To Build Exterior Steps Down A Hill Garden Shed Plans 8x12 enclosed trailers for sale/how to build exterior steps down a hill This Free Potting Shed Plan How To Build A Garden Shed Step By Step This Free Potting Shed Plan. ... More

how to create mirrored layout in vmware

27/12/2015 · In this tutorial you’ll learn how to install CentOS Linux in VMware Workstation. This is a virtual server with CentOS in your own home pc. First of all we ne... This is a virtual server with ... More

how to add lightning in photoshop

In today's tutorial, we'll use Photoshop's blend modes, filters, and masks to transform a portrait from mundane to mysteriously enchanting. Step 1: Add Richness to the Overall Scene Open a scene that contains a foreground subject in front of a background. ... More

how to connect fitbit to facebook

When you connect Fitbit and Strava, your Fitbit activities will automatically show up on Strava for all your friends to see. Additionally, runs and rides tracked via Strava will automatically contribute to your Fitbit all day stats like calories and active minutes. Connect ... More

how to cut music on iphone

We have lined up the top ten music editor apps for iPhone and iPad to let you edit and create great music elegantly. Head over to explore them all and pick out a nice one to make funny custom ringtones or cool music using your iOS device. ... More

how to eat sugar plum

1/11/2018 · Peel the lemon. Lemon zest is great as an addition to many dishes, but you don’t want to eat the entire lemon rind raw. To start, take a sharp knife and cut off the top and tail of the lemon. ... More

how to cancel your anytime fitness membership

Read your contract. If you signed one that said you'd only be able to cancel if you moved to more than 50 miles from one, they're right. 2.5 hours from you is only about 8 miles - you may not have a car, but most people have transport of some kind (car, bike) which makes that distance fairly trivial. ... More

how to cut glass bottles without a glass cutter

Adjust your bottle cutter to the desired position of your cut; this step varies by glass cutter manufacturer, but should be easy to figure out (or RTFM). It is important that the cutting blade be perpendicular to the cutting surface. In other words, if you're cutting on a curved portion of the glass, your blade should intersect the glass at a point that would best form a 90-degree angle to the ... More

how to create custom discord messages

However, it sounds like you want a custom message for when you're not playing games. If that's the case, there's a kind of hack to work around that - just add Notepad (the windows text editor) or some other lightweight program to Discord's list of "games", then edit it's name to your status. Whenever you want to display that status, just open Notepad. ... More

how to delete a balnk doc page

There are also cases of a mystery blank page in the middle of a document at the end of a section or chapter. Overruns . It can simply be some extra paragraph marks at the end of a document. Press Ctrl + End to move the Word cursor to the very end of the document then press Backspace to remove unwanted and unseen characters back to the end of the text. The secret sauce. The rest of these ... More

how to change your super account with your emploer

Navigating your superannuation obligations as an employer can be time-consuming. Let CareSuper make super easy for you with service and processes that work. Let CareSuper make super easy for you with service and processes that work. ... More

how to cut ice drug

When glass/ice is cut, however, it still looks pure - clear to white shards or powder. The brown/pink/red/yellow stuff that you see, ranging in consistency from peanut butter to cake to crystallized is still the same drug, its still methamphetamine, but it was never pure. These concoctions come from smaller labs, forced to use substandard methods to rarefy the drug. They use different ... More

how to create template in wordpress tutorial

In this article, we will create WordPress Default Page Template. If you are wondering what is WordPress default page template is?. WordPress default page template is the layout page which can use to change the layout of the particular page. lets find out WordPress default page template in detail. ... More

how to draw goten step by step

How To Draw Barbie Princess Step By Step. 22 mins 0. Sponsored links . Related posts: Printable Pictures Of Baby Minnie Mouse. Reindeer Coloring Pages Pdf. Coloring Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Minnie Mouse Cutouts Templates. Free Printable Cat Pictures To Color. Batman And Robin Coloring Pages. Pictures Of Trunks And Goten. Little Einsteins Pictures To Print. Wedding Day Coloring ... More

how to draw your own cartoon person

30/06/2015 · I use a pencil, sakura micron fineliner and warm gray copics to teach you how you can create concept art for a female original character. Of course, change it up a bit, make the character your own! ... More

reddit how to decide if you want kids

Deciding whether you want to have children is a major life decision and starting a family is a major responsibility. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether or not parenthood is the right choice for you. ... More

how to download from netflix in browser

The only non-browser viewing option Netflix offers for traditional computers is the Windows 8 app. That app runs on all Windows 8 devices, including tablets and computers. ... More

how to cut off your mustache

Mr. Money Mustache, pretty sure the point of your lifestyle is not to waste money on stupid inefficient crap. Establish those habits while you are earning income and you will have a happy and fulfilling life after you have stopped earning income. Or as I like to say “I’m a … ... More

how to clean brake calipers before painting

Camaro Brake Guide: How to Restore Your Chevy Camaro Step by Step You need to determine the restoration grade (concours, daily driver, survivor, etc.) and level of authenticity for your Camaro. With a complete concours restoration, retain the stock brakes, including rear drum brakes. ... More

excell how to add information to a graph

The charts are drawn using basic Excel functions and once you know how to use them they are an incredibly efficient way of communicating a lot of information in a single cell of Microsoft Excel ... More

how to add drop shadow in adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Drop Shadow Window Step 17: Duplicate Image Now we will make a Duplicate of the Pink Flower. To do this, hold down the Alt Key while the Flower is selected and drag to make another copy. Step 18: Apply Drop Shadow Next place the Red Flower. Scale it to "20%". Add the Drop Shadow with the same settings as the Pink Flower. The Images when put together should look like … ... More

how to change paypal id

How do I change the name on my PayPal account. You can change the name on your account if it's misspelled or if you've legally changed your name. If you have a business account, you can change the contact name for your business. ... More

how to call an american number from uk

Given below is the dialing procedure to call Netherlands From United Kingdom. You will find information on how to make an international call from United Kingdom to Netherlands fixed line number or mobile number. ... More

how to cut green onions for veggie tray

cooked cut green beans, eggs, mixed salad greens, potatoes, bacon, crisp-cooked and crumbled and 4 more Quinoa Croquettes with Fresh Goat Cheese On dine chez Nanou 64 ... More

how to download photos from google pixel 2 to computer

Google Pixel 2 Official fan page for the all-new Pixel 2 & Pixel 2XL. Follow the page for more giveaways 💰 #teampixel #madebygoogle #pixel2 #pixel2xl ... More

how to become more girly

19/01/2008 · Best Answer: Well heres some steps of things you can do.... Clean the house: Sure this may not seem necesairy but things are so much easier when you got a clean home so you can cook the proper meal and have room to workout. ... More

how to delete windows 10 account administrator

15/12/2017 · How to Delete Administrator Account in Windows 10 How to Delete Administrator User Account in Windows 10. ... More

how to answer am i a team player

Then prove youre a team player. Thats rightto boost your own profile (and reap the rewards), first you must help others succeed. Here are 7 ways to be a great team player at work. Thats rightto boost your own profile (and reap the rewards), first you must help others succeed. ... More

how to change steam message position

18/08/2011 Hi Just thought I would post a solution to a problem I had with Steam on Windows 7 RC x64 (but I believe it can happen in vista as well) Everything was working in steam for weeks until I went to close it down last night, when I exited steam windows poped up with a message stating it was going to apply compatility settings to steam as it ... More

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how to delete bookmarks faster chrome

Remove the Login Faster Extension from Google Chrome Uninstall an extension to remove it completely from the Google Chrome browser. Extensions are extra features and functionality that can easily be added to Google Chrome.

how to clean your solar panels at home

Solar panels, also called solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, use sunlight to generate electricity. Many Victorian property owners are considering solar panels, to generate clean power and help reduce energy bills. To make the best choice, you need to understand

how to add a column in access query

Double-click the "Add New Field" title and type in the same name as the field containing the query text that you want to align. For instance, if the field name is "Field1" in the Access query, type that exact name as the title of the column in your new table.

how to cut a perfect circle in fabric

Big circles of fabric can come in handy for so many things, including pillow forms (you can see I made a bunch), quilt patterns, skirts, and tablecloths. In this installment of Sewing 201 I will show you an easy way to cut big round circles of any size. First, to avoid any confusion (and make sure

how to make-grey skies appear blue-in camera

First, tilt your camera down to eliminate the sky, take a meter reading, and then set your camera at that reading. Now recompose and add the grad filter. Try the two-stop filter first, and then, the three-stop filter. You can decide which filter gave you the effect you like best. After some practice, you’ll know by experience which filter to use.

sketchup how to draw square

To learn more about SketchUp for woodworkers, check out Joe Zeh’s Popular Woodworking University course, SketchUp Comprehensive. In this course, Joe Zeh will teach you how to download, install, setup and use SketchUp. You’ll learn to customize the SketchUp drawing toolbar, edit preferences and tailor the SketchUp environment to your liking, and much more. This nine-week course starts April 22.

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Ontario: Cookstown ON, Elora ON, Norwich ON, Riverview, Wahta Mohawk Territory ON, Havelock ON, Coppins Corners ON, ON Canada, M7A 3L5

Nunavut: Cambridge Bay NU, Eskimo Point (Arviat) NU, NU Canada, X0A 7H4

England: Harrogate ENG, Blackpool ENG, Gosport ENG, Cheltenham ENG, Carlisle ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 5A2

Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 8H5

Scotland: East Kilbride SCO, Livingston SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dundee SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B7

Wales: Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, Neath WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D6