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how to cook frozen peeled shrimp

how to thaw frozen shrimp The best way to thaw prawns is to let them sit in the refrigerator overnight. This method ensures even thawing and keeps the freshness of the meat intact. ... More

how to dance white city waltz youtube

The Killarney Waltz is a modern sequence dance, composed by Florence Newbegin in It is a 32 bar dance and should be danced to music at 46 bpm. Waltz Dance Ballroom Dance Bar Dance White City Dance Lessons Dance Videos Ballrooms Dancer Captions ... More

how to make kitkat vending machine video download

Mini Vending Machine (version 2) My very first proof-of-concept for the claw machine ran on servos. The current claw machine uses stepper motors and for the longest time I wanted to use these leftover servo motors in a project. ... More

how to change pc tower

If you want to keep your current rig, you'll need to change out your motherboard/cpu/ram and probably power supply. For better performance, you'll probably want a newer/bigger/faster hard drive (I recommend a solid state drive, or at least a 7200 rpm hard drive). You'll probably need a new PSU to power a more powerful graphics card (several gigabites). ... More

how to download pokemon emerald emulator

27/05/2010 This is how to Download a Gba Emulator. Here is the Link to The Emulator: More Games For Emulator: ... More

buy how to restore volkswagen beetle jim tyler

How to Restore Volkswagen Beetle by Jim Tyler Crafts, Hobbies Jim Tyler Jim Tyler has He has written classic car restoration guides based on his experience, Oldvws restoration, air coolded parts, volkswagen ... More

how to change my dns on client side

add ip int=vlan1 ip=your-private-side-ip-address If your ISP does not provide DNS server addresses as part of the dynamic IP configuration, specify DNS servers for the router to use. ... More

how to change localhost port in wordpress

I’m having the port problem 8888 if i set it to 80 and 3306 apache server stops. and wordpress won’t run. I’m trying to figure out if i should use sub directories or sub domains. When ever i want to host those sites on internet, will i b able to separate them into individual sites with each trheir own domain name or theil always stay a sub domain ... More

how to delete spyware from your computer manually

Spyware lessens your PC's performance and steals your personal details from your own PC. It monitors your computer's internet activities and tries to hack your passwords, credit card numbers and any other personal information. Spyware may even disguise itself as an online form to get your … ... More

how to create instagram ads 2017

6 Elements of Successful Instagram Ads. by Dennis R. Wilson Jr. in Facebook Advertising, Social Media. Share this. Twitter Facebook. Feb 15, 2018 Mar 8, 2018 0 Comments. A-A A+. Are you ready to get started with Instagram advertising for your business? Instagram advertising is a great way to reach a large but well-targeted audience and engage in a way that drives consumers to take action. But ... More

how to make my girlfriend come back to me

Is My Ex Over Me? Psychological Advice To Get An Ex Boyfriend/girlfriend Back; A lot of relationships break up and come to an end, not because the offense that led … ... More

how to deep clean your house in 2 hours

Those days it still takes me around 2 hours (maybe a little longer) to get the house cleaned. I have to change things up a bit, but this is how I do it. I start in one room and work in a circle, so I end up back in the first room to start the next thing on the list. ... More

how to add grammarly to word mac

Today I was working on of my document and wanted to download the Grammarly word Addon for the Mac. But unfortunately, Grammarly Addon is available only for the Windows. Then I got to know about their app for Mac. ... More

how to clean note 5

Note that all 3 of those are from the same thread. It also wouldn't hurt for your to read that post too. It also wouldn't hurt for your to read that post too. Open Odin, … ... More

how to create hdfc netbanking

The process of HDFC credit card payment through non-HDFC bank Net Banking is powered by BillDesk which redirects you to the payment page of the net banker you have chosen. Enter the credit card details and provide your other bank Net Banking credentials. ... More

how to change default activity in android studio

Your question concerns the UI of Android Studio as an IDE ? or the UI of an Activity of your Android Application Project that you are making in Android Studio ? So, if the question concerns the UI of Android Studio, you must go on Window > Restore Default Layout. Then, you can remove the following ... More

atlas reactor how to change resolution

3 4 GLYPH TAG Sign in at Go to Account > Set Glyph Tag in order to set up your in-game name for Atlas Reactor. Your Glyph Tag is … ... More

how to create own boot animations

Every Android device has its own Boot animation, some shows their manufacturers logo and some cool animations. If you are bored with Current Android Boot Animation on your device and want to use Custom Boot animation, then you are at right place. ... More

how to buy us xbox digital gift card online

22/07/2014 · I recently joined bing rewards and I can buy Xbox digital gift cards. I wanted to know if these can be used to buy shark cards form gta online. ... More

how to create a star wars crawl

11/09/2016 · Go HERE to obtain the Custom Crawl Creator template pack; Create A Star Wars Title Crawl That Looks More Like The Original Complete” video found on YouTube. Now you’re ready to begin. Creating the Custom Crawl: _Episode ... More

how to create telstra email

Secondly, it's worth emphasising out that customer email addresses won't change; you'll still have a or address, and won't be moved to … ... More

how to partition a portable hard drive windows 10

Disk Management in Windows 10 improves performance on USB drive, as Windows 10 becomes able to access second partition on USB disk. The “Delete Volume” is available to delete USB partition. If your computer haven’t upgraded to Windows 10, you can move to rest method to delete partition on USB disk or memory card. ... More

how to create an online store ecommerce website

Selling products through an online shop is the best way to introduce your products to a large number of people at once. There are so many advantages of eCommerce website over physical stores. ... More

how to add betting url in csgolounge

Check and see if CSGO Lounge is not working for everyone at the moment, explore its historical availability and outage data. ... More

how to change cursor design on mac

If you liked the way the Mac cursor looks, particularly in the Mac El Capitan version of the OS, then you can have that same cursor design running on the Windows 10 operating system. There are a bunch of tweaks you can make to the mouse cursor in Windows 10 by default, just by accessing the main.cpl from the Run dialog box or the search field from the taskbar, but everything available there is ... More

how to change work location on pixel

12/03/2010 · In Windows 7, in the Network and Sharing Center, there's the three icons at the top showing your computer, the network location, and the internet. In Vista, it's possible to rename the network location via the "Manage network connections" option on the tasks menu on the left. ... More

how to change osu name

Change your name in just GMAIL. Change you name in all other applications. If you would like to change this, you can do so by logging into your ONID via Gmail using the following link: ... More

wordpress how to add knowledge base section

KnowledgePress WordPress theme helps you build customer self-service knowledge base in minutes. Create resource of helpful articles and answer popular customer question. Our customers use KnowledgePress as customer support centers, extensive FAQs, products or service documentations, internal company documentations, wiki and much more. ... More

how to read a hard drive from a broken computer

If you are going to get the broken computer repaired, put the hard drive back into the computer and take it in for repair. If you are not getting the broken computer repaired then you can save the hard drive in a safe place as an extra backup of your data or use a hard drive enclosure to use this hard drive as a backup device for your files. I have a full video walkthrough of this entire ... More

how to become a known singer

12/01/2013 First of all. If you want to become a singer or even want to become a famous singer, you may want to sing for just personal fulfillment and just for singing to yourself while doing chores around the house but likely, that's not the case. ... More

how to make a traffic light drink

The traffic light road safety game is also lots of fun to play outdoors, especially if your child is at that age when they are learning to ride a tricycle or a bicycle. Enlarge the traffic light template or hand-make a large traffic light. Set it up in a place where your child can ride around on their bike easily. But don’t forget to be sun-smart and have your child wear a hat and sunscreen. ... More

how to become a strong girl

How do I become an exceptionally, incredibly strong girl (physically)? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Supratit Dhali, just curious... Answered May 18, 2016. To be physically unbeatable, you need to be mentally unbeatable. Pushing yourself at gym or excessive workout will definitely make you fit. Strength will be gained but will not make you some Hercules. Precision, Speed and Being ... More

how to delete kiki k account

Loving my Kikki.K Ever since I can remember, I've loved getting new pens, note books, paper and letter writing kits. As a kid I remember the pride I would have in a new set of coloured pencils or textas. ... More

how to cut a side fringe into long hair

Approach the fringe area from underneath and allow the hair to drop into the wide teeth of the comb. Move into the section with the teeth of the shear facing the face. HOT TIP When working with a blending or texturizing shear, the hair will be influenced in the direction the teeth are facing. ... More

how to put a disk image on a flash drive

An IMG file is a raw disk image that needs to be written directly to a USB drive. Use Win32 Disk Imager to write an IMG file to a USB drive or SD card. Provide a downloaded IMG file and the tool will write it directly to your drive, erasing its current contents. ... More

how to clear yourself off google

If you want to go ahead and close everything including email, calendars, and whatever else, sign into your primary Google Account homepage, and chose "Close account and delete all services and ... More

how to choose between two business ideas

Finding this in my inbox today has been a real blessing. I’ve been struggling for a month with two huge, necessary decisions at the same time for work and location vs. following my dreams. ... More

how to add adobe flash player plugin to firefox

How to install and enable Adobe flash plugin on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux The objective is to install and enable Adobe flash web browser player in Firefox browser on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux Operating System and Software Versions . Operating System: - Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver; Software: - Firefox Quantum 57.0.1; Requirements Privileged access to your Ubuntu System as root ... More

how to cook bite sized potatoes

4/07/2007 Cook until potatoes are soft and garlic is slightly browned (Cooking times will vary, I usually cook 20-30 minutes). Submit a Correction get the genius kitchen app. ... More

how to check what devits come from credit card

If you can’t come up with the CVV, it is assumed you stole the card. This is by design. This is by design. So, your only option is to contact the bank, and prove you are the cardholder, and get a new card … ... More

how to calculate change in net working capital

Net working capital includes the same items as regular working capital. It includes all current assets (inventory, cash, accounts receivable, property, investments, and other assets). You also need to include your liabilities, such as current loans, other debts, or accounts payable. ... More

how to create a cv for graduate school

Prepare your graduate school resume (some call it a graduate school CV) once you've decided to expand your knowledge and skills by earning a Master's Degree or PhD. ... More

how to clean black leather car seats

Leather can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Leather interior for vehicles like your classic car endures the wear and tear of supporting you and your passengers while driving and the friction of getting in and out of the vehicle. ... More

how to download magazines for free

Star magazine is a bold and sassy woman’s weekly magazine with exclusive, unposed pictures that show celebrities enjoying life to the full in their own environment. A Star magazine subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to in the know on all the showbiz gossip, entertainment news and latest fashion and beauty trends. Star magazine provides all the latest scandals and celebrity ... More

how to delete a non empty folder in ubuntu

FSlint not just finds the duplicates, but also bad symlinks, bad names, temp files, bad IDS, empty directories, and non stripped binaries etc. Installing FSlint FSlint is available in AUR , so you can install it using any AUR helpers. ... More

how to draw inequalities line on cas classpad

These points are then joined by drawing a solid line to indicate that all the values between x = 3 and x = 7 are also solutions, as shown below. –3 –2 –1 01 34567892 x 3 ≤ x ≤ 7 End values not included To solve the linear inequality 9 < 3x < 21 we divide through by 3 to obtain the solution 3 < x < 7 The sign ‘ <’ means ‘less than’. This means that x = 3 and x = 7 are not ... More

how to delete messages on fitbit blaze

New, never used Blaze with a New geniune Leather Fitbit size small strap ($89 @ Noel Leeming) along with a tempered glass screen protector installed. Looking for a … ... More

how to cut and seam corian

Mask off area to keep caulk over seam. When two surfaces join at an angle such as a backsplash and counter, allow for about 1 ⁄ 4 inch (0.6 cm) or less width of caulking area on either side of the seam, how much is a personal preference. ... More

python how to change size of pyplot figure

decrease font size, like that:. a code like this: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from matplotlib.pyplot import * from Here is how to change the fontsize of the legend list and/or legend title: ... More

how to choose target consumers pdf

You may choose to target both businesses and individual consumers if it makes sense for your company. However, modifications may need to be made for your product or service if you choose to go this route. For example, the owner of a gift basket business may target mostly individual consumers as her main source of revenue, but have a secondary revenue stream from corporate customers. For ... More

how to buy 2nd hand car

30/05/2015 How to guides for buying a second-hand car in the UK A 30-year share of motor trade experience . Buying a used vehicle is important and usually in the top 3 ... More

how to call a nz number from australia

An NZ number tells your customers that your business is established and reputable. But there are additional reasons why big companies use them. Firstly, they allow your customers to dial you from anywhere in New Zealand for the cost of a local call. They are also easier for your customers to remember and make your life simpler by providing one phone number for your business. With an NZ number ... More

how to download adobe flash player 9

Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Player is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware). Compatibility with this flasher player software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. ... More

how to download witcher 3 from gog

In GoG Galaxy, click on The Witcher 3 in your Library. Then next to "Play", click "More", then click "Get Backup & Extras". Here you will be able to download patches, bonus content and future DLC. ... More

how to draw a hibiscus flower step by step

Drawing Of Hibiscus Flower - October 20, 2017 by admin. Post tagged: annotated drawing of a hibiscus flower, drawing hibiscus flower step step, drawing of hibiscus flower, drawing picture of hibiscus flower, how to draw hibiscus flowers painting, labelled drawing of hibiscus flower, line drawing of hibiscus flowers, longitudinal drawing of ... More

how to draw an equation graph on geogebra

One point as the vertex. On a new graph, plot a point \(A\). Can you instruct GeoGebra to draw a quadratic which has its vertex at \(A\)? It should be constructed in such a way that when you move \(A\), the quadratic changes in response. ... More

how to change ip address on iphone 6

Other Ways to Hide Your IP Address on iPhone, iPad, and iOS Using a VPN is by far the fastest and easiest way to hide your IP address on any device. The encryption it provides also works to keep you safe and secure each time you go on the web. ... More

how to connect to hp printer connected to modem

Connect printer to wifi. Hp print 62 officejet pro 8610. Replaced modem today. New iPad 12 months old - Answered by a verified Technician Hp print 62 officejet pro 8610. Replaced modem today. ... More

how to change safari settings on ipad

Can I change Safari browser settings on real iOS devices? To ensure we provide a standard testing environment, and for security considerations, we have disabled the option of changing iOS device settings. ... More

how to answer vague questions

I'm coming up to my 1 year anniversary of looking at TA and I thought I'd glance back over some of the dumb answers to vague questions I've seen (and sometimes posted). ... More

how to build muscle in a week

Nary a soul reading this couldn't benefit from an additional 10 pounds of lean muscle. It's also likely that you've tried programs offering similar promises, with mixed results. ... More

how to become a motivational coach Become an expert Your audience will expect you to know a lot about the subject of your motivational speech. Know your audience Understand the people you will target as audience members before you get too far into the development of your career. Different groups of people need to be communicated with in different ways. Identifying Message and Audience ... More

how to cook damper without a camp oven

Cook in a medium temperature camp oven until golden brown. Damper is cooked when a skewer comes out clean. Damper is cooked when a skewer comes out clean. Or check out this basic damper … ... More

vs code how to change font size

13/07/2008 · This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more ... More

how to cut secur stone

Next, make the cut with the power tool, being attentive to go over the cut line. We strongly recommend you to use safety glasses and a respiratory mask, as to protect yourself against the dust. We strongly recommend you to use safety glasses and a respiratory mask, as to protect yourself against the dust. ... More

how to develop sharepoint application

SharePoint development. Build SharePoint Framework solutions, apps, add-ins, and solutions for SharePoint for your enterprise or customer needs. ... More

how to hit a draw and fade

To go from a fade to a draw you have to adapt two impact factors: the club face, and the swing path at impact. As laid out below. As laid out below. Fade: Out to in swing path, club face points between the swing path and target at impact. ... More

how to delete timeweave account

Timeweave Gaming came into being in 1992 as a company enlisted under no 02697762, located at EC2A 2EW London at Broadgate Tower. This company has been in business for twenty six years and its current status is active. ... More

how to draw damon salvatore

How to Draw Ian Somerhalder - An easy, step by step drawing lesson for kids. This tutorial shows the sketching and drawing steps from start to finish. Another free People for … ... More

how to draw a wolf sitting down

How to Draw a Howling Wolf Easy. I know there are many people who would love to draw howling wolves but don't know where to start or finish. Hopefully this lesson will teach you the ins and outs to creating a wolf you can be proud of. That's all I have for you as far as this tut goes, I will be back in a few with more drawing fun. Step 1. TOP. Description: This is a quick reference on how ... More

how to download instagram videos and photos

How to use the Instagram Downloader? Find the url of the videos or the photos you would like to download on Instagram, Paste the URL into the field above, ... More

how to cook catfish over a campfire

20/02/2015 · During this Cook with Cabela's episode, our top chefs teach how to prepare grilled campfire fish. Don't let the name fool you, this quick and easy way to make delicious, citrus-flavored fish works ... More

how to change miband2 account and connect to other phone

The fit app also provides a social medium, comparing your activities with other users on a global scale. You can connect with your friends via QR code sharing and even view their status or interact via nudge feature. With the app, you can also trigger a manual HR measurement. ... More

how to add another audio track in audacity

Append files with CD Track markers to quickly assemble audio and apply consistent processing. In the Waveform Editor, do either of the following: To add to the active file, choose File > ... More

how to download vid from scatrina

Download Extreme Scat Porn from FileBoom ( ... More

how to change internet connection windows 10

Windows XP: Open the Local Area Connection Properties by right-clicking on your Internet connection icon in the lower right of your task bar beside the desktop clock. Select Status and then click on the Properties button in the window that opens. ... More

how to create guide for both pages

To make it work for you, it’s vital to optimize your landing page design and rank for your surrounding areas, so that your target audience can find your web site and web pages … ... More

how to connect iphone 4s to tv using usb

Connect your iPhone with computer and then you can launch iTunes on PC. Make sure your iTunes is the latest version. After that, you need to go to “Edit > Devices” and check “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically” to prepare to sync iPhone with … ... More

how to call 1300 australia from nz

Online and Mobile banking 1300 134 291. Calling from overseas (+61 2) 9155 7737. How can we help you? Card lost or stolen . Security. Feedback and complaints. Contact us from overseas. Financial hardship and support. FAQs. Help with a lost or stolen card. Please report a lost or stolen card immediately so that we can stop all transactions on your account. You'll need your 8-digit customer ... More

how to draw a 3d bottle

Today, I will teach you how to draw a transparent bottle. Many people don't know how to draw a bottle surprisingly. This how to will include images along 1 Step 1: Start by drawing the bottle cap first. The following steps will show the entire process of drawing the bottle cap. 2 Step 2: The bottle cap can be a bit more detailed than we'd like to expect. If you need to, you can look at a ... More

how to become a gypsy witch

A Gypsy is an ethnic group, not another word for a sorcerer. I’m sure some people use Latin in invocations if that’s what you mean. I don’t think it’s as common these days among Pagans. ... More

conerstone theme how to change banner colour

The Divi Header & Navigation Theme Customizer Settings. Easily customize the look & feel, as well as the structure of your header. Customizing The Header & Navigation Of Your Theme. To begin customizing your website’s Header & Navigation, you must first enter the Theme Customizer by clicking on the Divi > Theme Customizer link within your WordPress Dashboard. This will launch the … ... More

how to draw a roman house

Find the perfect roman house room drawing stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now! ... More

how to carry stuff on a motorcycle

It is logical to assume that we arent alone, so transporting a firearm on a motorcycle without a concealed carry permit is a subject of great interest to us. Thus, we did some digging and found workable solutions for most situations. ... More

how to buy us savings bonds at a bank

If you want to buy U.S. Savings Bonds as a gift: For gift purchases of U.S. Savings Bonds, you'll need to set up an account online, through Treasury Direct, that's linked to your bank account. The ... More

how to change margins in google docs on ipad

This year, Microsoft has made Office available for the iPad, iPhone, a preview available for Android, and even dropped the price to free. Meanwhile, the incumbent, Google Drive and its associated ... More

how to create a default constructor in java

Constructors are used to create objects of a class. we must have at least one constructor for a class (if we do declare explicitly then JVM inject default constructor for we). Initializers are used to initialize fields of a class. we can have zero or more initializers of static or instance types. ... More

how to download playlist on iphone

Hello, i have a problem to download playlists on my iphone to listen them offline. When i want to download the playlist, there will come the black arrow, but they never get green. ... More

how to draw a tree line in autocad

AutoCAD basics tutorials - How to draw a line. Learn Autocad Design Programs Floor Plans Programming Architecture Design Line Backgrounds Architecture Layout Fishing Line. More information. Saved by. Lauren Jones. 24. Similar ideas . More information. More information. More information. Open. More information ... More

how to add own stickers on facebook

Even more, this app allows you to create your own stickers and send them across Whatsapp, Messenger Skype, Google+ and more. Here’s a quick guide on how to install and use Stickers … ... More

how to download psp 2000 games for free

12/02/2007 · After that you may download as many PSP songs, games, and movies as you can handle forthe rest of your life Membership to these donwload sites is low and varies. You will have to pay around $30 for unlimited access. ... More

how to add ethereal gem to item

21/01/2017 · Today I am bringing you a dota 2 guide on how to socket gems in 2017. Stay Updated! (My Social Media)----- My Twitch for the ... More

how to download t25 workout for free

focus t25 free download - 25 Minute Focus Tracker - T25, Tracker for T25 Workout, Focus MP3 Recorder Pro, and many more programs ... More

how to create coloured text in html

How to Create a Cool Anaglyphic Text Effect with CSS Anaglyphs are those amazing 3D images that are created by offsetting two of the red, green and blue channels, and are viewed with those nerdy looking 3D glasses with different coloured lenses. ... More

how to develop back muscles

You need to build your lower back muscles along with the upper back muscles. If you focus on both of the muscles groups, then you will be able to develop a V shape back. ... More

how to build your own home recording studio

Welcome to Build Your Own Recording Studio For info on:- Studio Equipment, Studio Wiring, Patch bays, Inserts, Midi, Master Controllers, Sampling, Microphones, Music Software ... More

how to add apps to a samsung smart tv va40f6300

Samsung is bringing an iTunes app to its smart TVs soon In a surprise announcement, rivals Samsung and Apple decided to team up and bring the iTunes movies and TV Shows app to Samsung’s Smart TV range in 100... ... More

how to format a usb drive in mac

Wait for the process to complete and after this, you can type: diskutil list in command again to check if the formatting has been successful. After this, you should be able to use USB with FAT32 file system to save files again. ... More

how to change an outside light australia

Remove the base being careful not to hit the light bulb as you move it down and off the electrical housing. 3. Wipe out the inside and outside of the glass bulb with a damp towel, and set aside. ... More

how to draw baby tweety bird step by step

How To Draw A Tweety How To Draw Baby Tweety, Step By Step, Cartoons, Cartoons, Draw How To Draw A Tweety Cartoon Images To Draw With Colour How To Draw Tweety Stepstep How To Draw A Tweety Face Of Tweety - How To Draw Tweety The Bird From Looney Tunes ... More

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how to cancel call forwarding att

AT&T U-Verse Unconditional Call Forwarding. This method automatically forwards incoming calls to a different number. This is the traditional method used to redirect ‘non-office hours’ calls.

how to clean hayward cl200 chlorinator

This product can expose you to chemicals which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

how to create link within pdf file by js

Both Chrome and Firefox render PDF files in the browser, making them easier for users to view. Today I wanted to send someone a link to a certain page in a PDF user's manual.

how to clean canopy canvas

To effectively clean an awning and canopy, the first thing is determine the type of material it is made of ??? which will help you select the appropriate cleaning chemical to help break down the dirt and grime. Make sure that the detergent you select is biodegradable and friendly to the earth. , making sure it is the correct type for the specific material. Next, rinse the awning using clean

mac how to change network name

To change MAC address in Ubuntu system, select the network icon in the top panel of Ubuntu and select “edit connections” from the list of options. 2. The above action will open the “network connections” dialog box.

how to add notes to powerpoint slides mac

Watch video Learn how to create, edit, and share presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2016, the powerful presentation and slideshow tool. Jess Stratton shows how to build a slideshow from scratch, and leverage PowerPoint templates and themes for quick construction. Jess then demonstrates how to add and edit text, images, graphs, video, and animation; format slides for consistency; and add

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