how to connect laptop to tv with vga

Connect the VGA cable to the laptop and to the TV. Connect the 3.5mm pin to the speaker jack on the laptop and to the audio in or external speakers on the tv. On the laptop, go to Control Panel, find Display , and then Adjust Resolution to make sure it is compatible with the the TV. ... More

how to create a batton wall revit

14/07/2016 · An even better solution is to have the main wall set to the board finish then place a thin batten wall almost against the main wall and join them. This batten wall would have the void, described above, over it set to cut just this wall thickness. Because you don't want the void to also cut your main wall, I would cheat and hold it off say a 64th of an inch. ... More

how to buy shoes from vietnam

Hi, All Nike trainers and most sportswear are made in Vietnam, but as they are so expensive, the only Nike you can buy legally are from the sports shops e.g. Diamond Plaza at the end of Dong Khoi. ... More

how to add more gestures in linege os

Check out the guide below to learn more if you want to install a custom ROM on your device! Since the Razer Phone is Treble-compatible, that means you can also follow the guide to install Resurrection Remix or pure AOSP as well, as explained in the guide below. ... More

how to become a aerospace engineering and operations technicians

In this requirements guide for Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians, you will find out what do you need to become an Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician and what it takes to become … ... More

how to cancel clickbank subscription

The Amazing Self Membership, this has a 30-day cancellation policy only so as long as you cancel within the free 30-day trial you will not be charged for any monthly fees) ... More

how to clean a dodge diesel particulate filter

Many larger diesel generators have a DPF (diesel particulate filter). Mission-critical generators are subject to clogged filters and automatic engine shut down. Mission-critical generators are subject to clogged filters and automatic engine shut down. ... More

deviantart how to draw manga faces

Drawing Anime Female How To Draw Anime Girl Face [Slow Narrated Tutorial] [No Timelapse Drawing Anime Female How To Draw Manga Bodies (Part 1) – Manga University Campus Store Drawing Anime Female How To Draw Anime Female Face 3/4 View [Slow Narrated Tutorial] [No ... More

how to build a small cd divider

How to build a room divider bookcase If you're thinking about trying woodworking for the very first time, then you're in the most suitable spot. Before you even start your How to build a room divider bookcase, you must have made up your mind on the type of woodworking niche you will take. ... More

how to download microsoft word on laptop for free

Microsoft Word APK 16.0.7830.1012 for Android. Download Microsoft Word APK for PC. Play Microsoft Word on pc with KOPLAYER Android Emulator. Microsoft Word for PC free download. Download Microsoft Word APK for PC. ... More

how to cut hair girl youtube

4/01/2017 Watch video Long Hair Cutting - long Haircut with Long hair cut at home (Haircut for women) ... More

how to uber drive in nsw you tube

In NSW, a taxi licence can cost $400,000, and the average driver makes about $10 an hour after costs. In San Francisco, where Uber first ran, average trips in cabs have dropped by 65 per cent. ... More

how to choose the right barbaell

As a former U.S. Army Interrogator, I know a thing or two about asking the right questions. And when it comes to finding a personal trainer, you should too. Not all trainers and coaches are created equal. Choosing a credible person to help you reach your fitness goals should be taken into careful consideration. Would […] ... More

how to download videos from vimeo com

3. Tap on Download Button. When you tap on the file that you want to download, the page will redirect you to another one with a red download button popping up on the bottom right of the screen. ... More

how to develop a personal sense of style

This shows that style is completely personal. (Might be good to edit the end of the clip and shorten it by a few seconds) (Might be good to edit the end of the clip and shorten it by a few seconds) Reply ... More

how to change desktop timeout

The Personalization tab is where you can change your desktop wallpaper, there's a link to Screen timeout settings (part of the System tab) and to Screen saver settings, which is a Control ... More

ceek ico how to buy site

Estimated site value is $165.80. According to Alexa Traffic Rank is ranked number 2,111,470 in the world and 2.0E-5% of global Internet users visit it. Site is hosted in Scottsdale, AZ, 85260, United States and links to network IP address . ... More

how to download mp3 songs in iphone

Send mp3 music or video to iPhone After the file is downloaded on your computer iTunes should automatically export that file to its own music library. In case it won’t happen you can do it manually. ... More

how to choose a therapist uk

It’s time to make some changes in your life and you’ve decided to work with a hypnotherapist to help bring about this change. Following your decision, the next step is to find a therapist to work with. ... More

how to draw a simple possum

When I consider that the nobler animal have been exterminated here - the cougar, the panther, lynx, wolverine, wolf, bear, moose, dear, the beaver, the turkey and so forth and so forth, I cannot but feel as if I lived in a tamed and, as it were, emasculated country... ... More

how to catch bait fish in the surf

When surf fishing with live bait choosing the right surf fishing tackle can make the difference between lots of action or a lesson in surf casting. ... More

how to create database with php in mysql server

It is recommended to set up a separate MySQL server; when prompted to select a server type, select Dedicated MySQL Server Machine, and then click Next. Select a database option, and then click Next . ... More

how to connect windows 10 and vista

Unfortunately the Windows Mobile Device Center stopped working out of the box after the Creators Update for Windows 10. The application won't open and therefore it's impossible to … ... More

how to connect to intranet from home

If the intranet you are trying to connect to is at your workplace, you should automatically connect and have access to intranet Web pages once you have signed in. Simply open your Internet browser and visit the intranet page you desire. ... More

how to become an interior decorator in california

27/05/2018 · San francisco, ca interior designers and decorators. Find an interior designer or home decorator in San Francisco, CA on Houzz. Narrow your search in the Professionals section to find San Francisco interior designers near you. ... More

how to become a licensed teacher in florida

The state of Florida requires all licensed psychologists to have a doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited or approved school. It is of the utmost importance to create a plan for the educational path and licensing procedures that will be required of you in order to become a psychologist in the state of Florida. ... More

how to change obs server to custom

In SQL Server 2016, the Reporting Services web portal looks like below. One of the significant enhancements to SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services is that it now supports branding of the web portal with a logo and custom colors. ... More

how to avoid shot reverse shot

The Shot-Reverse Shot is one of the few techniques that require the presence of a human (or human-like) being in the individual shots. This is because the method is deeply tied to the idea of ... More

how to get unknown usb drive to work

I discovered that, for some unknown reason, the 15′ USB printer cable was the culprit. I swapped out this 15′ USB printer cable for a slightly shorter ~10′ USB printer cable. I am still using the ~6′ USB extension cable as well, but Windows 10 is now able to fully recognize the printer. ... More

how to draw a monarch caterpillar

Inchworm caterpillars are bright green, while Monarch butterfly caterpillars are black and yellow. Others are yellow, red, orange, or white. Others are yellow, red, orange, or white. Want to learn how to draw more creepy, crawly insects? ... More

how to change name on psn

Wouldn’t it be superb if there were a way to do a PSN name change? Soon, it is going to happen! Sony has just announced the PSN Online ID Change feature beta, confirming recent rumors. ... More

how to change sims 4 to 32 bit without origin

The Sims 4 32bit-64bit Free Download Torrent; The Sims 4 Download; Passer le detail de The Sims 4 32-Bit Publie le mardi 11 avril 2017 par Categories: Non classe (Voir les articles dans la categorie Non classe), xgame,cool (Voir les articles dans la categorie xgame,cool) ... More

how to add canonical tag in html

This is not actually the case. Moz is reporting zero canonical tags and is reading a TON of duplicates in the blog area of Weebly sites. This is because the blog … ... More

how to add photo on linkedin app

Locate a headshot and tap Add Photos (on iOS) or the checkmark (on Android). Your headshot is added to the album. Your headshot is added to the album. Select the location where you added the photo (All Photos or an album) and tap the new photo to open it. ... More

how to create a pattern in photoshop cs6

20/03/2018 · I create my pattern without worrying about the exact position of my pattern elements (I create some patterns with lots of objects in them). 2.- When my pattern is finished I create a square or rectangle with the exact dimensions of the pattern I made (say 250px by 400px) and fill it with said pattern. ... More

how to delete individual cookies in chrome

25/09/2012 · This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. ... More

how to change gender on facebook id

First obtain a court order name and/or gender change. Submit a completed SS-5 form, court order, (and original physician's letter if changing gender marker) to Social Security by ... More

how to choose a boyfriend jeans

This classic boyfriend jean offers roomy comfort without looking sloppy, and the distressed elements are just subtle enough to not draw too much attention to areas you may be self-conscious about. ... More

how to choose bike tire width

Remember to adjust tire pressure as you adjust tire width. Personal preference plays a large role here, but wider tires tend to have more overall volume and perform better at slightly lower pressures. ... More

how to draw vincent van gogh self portrait

Later that year, Vincent Van Gogh was found dead by a self inflicted gunshot wound. Doctors believe that Vincent made his epilepsy's worst because of the consumption of absinthe over a prolonged period of time. He was born March 30, 1853 and died July 29, 1890, he was only thirty seven years old. I do hope you guys appreciate this lesson, I will be back later with more drawing fun. Peace out ... More

how to wish something and make it come true

Right now I am joining my energy with yours, and I am seeing all your New Year’s wishes come true. Here are three steps to make that happen. To complete the steps, you’ll need some loose paper and a notebook. An inexpensive three hole bound notebook is fine, or you can use something fancier. ... More

how to build a beer pong table with lights

How ironic that I have been doing research for the past 3 hours on how to build one of these into a beer pong table and you just posted this haha. Good job man, looks really good. Good job ... More

how to draw a template

Create a Template. The purpose of setting up the Google Drawing this way is to reuse it over and over. At the end of the URL it says /edit. Change this to /copy. ... More

how to draw harry potter logo step by step

How To Draw Harry Potter For Kids How To Draw The Hogwarts Shield Logo - Harry Potter Easy For Kids ... More

how to build a go kart rear axle

Reliable sellers on the site offer rear axles for all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and go-karts. When your vehicle is equipped with the right rear axle, you can make sure that your wheels will go round and round reliably. ... More

how to change file extension from mov to mp4

The tables with software actions are a good pointer for what a certain program does with various file types and often may give users a good hint how to perform certain file conversion, for example the above-mentioned mp4 to mov. ... More

how to delete tinder account without facebook

It will log you out of your tinder account with no chance of signing back in without a Facebook account. If you want back on tinder, you will have to create a new Facebook account, thus a new tinder account. I don't know if your old account will technically disappear from those who have already matched with you. ... More

how to call from a different number

Key in the required number and tap Enable. A request to divert calls to the number is sent to the network. ... More

how to clean stained feet

The result is invariably the same--a pinkish stain develops at the licking site. Frustratingly, the stains sometimes seem resistant to cleaning. While the stains are hard to get rid of, a multifaceted approach can quickly reduce or even eliminate pink fur stains. ... More

how to totally delete browsing history

Deleting browser history is a good way to make sure your history stays yours. In this article we’ll show you how to safely and quickly remove browser history from your Mac, even from the very first day. It’s not too hard to delete history manually, but there’s a faster way to do it, which is ... More

how to create a hypothesis based on a topic

Make a prediction based on the hypothesis. Test the prediction. Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions. The scientific method is used in all sciences—including chemistry, physics, geology, and psychology. The scientists in these fields ask different questions and perform different tests. However, they use the same core approach to find answers that are logical and ... More

how to build your own desktop computer from scratch

Create your own custom-built PC, follow me as I show you how to build a computer from various parts! Comprehensive guide 4.1 (167 ratings) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect ... More

how to clean up nail polish from tile

Nail polish remover might be used on tile but never, repeat never, on wood. I know that from personal experience 🙂 it harmed the table and changed its color and this is irreversible. ... More

how to connect armoured cable to junction box

Run the cable from the fixed power supply point up to the place where the junction box is to be located. The cable must be protected from accidental damage and as such needs to be armoured and/or run through protective conduit. The cable should be buried or fixed where possible to a wall. If you do bury the cable draw a sketch and keep it for future reference rather than rely upon your memory ... More

how to clear playlist on apple music

These menus let you do things such as "love" songs and artists, add music to your library, create Apple Music Radio stations, and more. Take some time to explore all the menus—and buttons, in iOS—that control iTunes and the Music app. ... More

how to delete history on android phone yahoo

In this page you will learn how to clear your search history on Yahoo Search: Sign-in to Yahoo and make a random search. Click the Settings button (cog icon) displayed at the top-right corner of the result page. Click on Preferences. Click on the... ... More

how to add subtitles to a movie online

20/11/2015 Many times you do not find the subtitles on Putlocker or any other sites.In such cases with the help of this video, you can get the source url for putlocker video and then you can play this on VLC ... More

how to connect temperature sensor to arduino

How to measure temperature with your Arduino and a DS18B20. Arduino 103. In this example project we will be combining an Arduino and a DS18B20 temperature sensor. The DS18B20 is a so called 1-wire digital temperature sensor. The words digital and 1-wire make this sensor really cool and allows you, with a super simple setup, to read the temperature of one or more sensors. You can ... More

how to change start up wallpaper

From here you can get more information about the image or click the Change desktop wallpaper button to switch wallpaper to a random one from Bing image archive. To sum it up These three methods should be enough to keep your desktop fresh. ... More

how to become an expert at anything

How Do You Become An Expert at Anything in THREE Easy Steps The truth is you cant, and the idea that you can become an expert easily or in three steps is silly and maybe even dangerous. Thats what I take Malcolm Gladwell to mean in this great 2009 interview about his book Outliers. ... More

how to become a hospice caregiver

The hospice care team provides coaching to the caregivers about the type of care required for the patient. Furthermore, the team also provides respite care. When the caregiver needs a break Furthermore, the team also provides respite care. ... More

how to become healthy in 1 month

Steps to Become a Health Care IT Consultant. Let's go over the steps you'll need to follow to become a health care information technology consultant. Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree. Most ... More

how to build a tardis out of cardboard

I saw this last week on YouTube and I thought I might mention it to woodworkers. The filmmaker and star, Sillysparrowness didn't just build a TARDIS (which if you don't know what it is it stands for "Time and relative dimension in space" as seen for the past 50 years on ... More

how to become abkc breede

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the independent Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA ("CKCSC,USA"). But keep in mind that the AKC also registers cavaliers bred by puppy millers and sold in pet stores. On the other hand, the CKCSC,USA prohibits its members from selling cavaliers to or through pet shops or brokers, or from purchasing any cavalier or any litter for resale. ... More

how to add header and footer in html using css

I am using window.print() for printing page, but I got header and footer contains page title, file path, page number and date. How to remove them? How to remove them? I tried print stylesheet also. ... More

how to avoid pregnancy after 7 days

How To Avoid Pregnancy After Marriage How To Avoid Pregnancy Without Contraceptives How To Avoid Pregnancy Without Contraceptives You'll be able to learn when those fertile days are, and avoid pregnancy naturally. However now that I've been charting for a number of years, I know that there are 7 days every cycle I wish to avoid. It's unlikely that you're going to get pregnant simply after your ... More

how to connect my exitisting phones to nbn modem

We provide an NBN ready router (modem). At the back of this modem you have a voice port where you can plug your existing analogue telephone handset. At the back of this modem you have a voice port where you can plug your existing analogue telephone handset. ... More

how to draw anime clouds photoshop

iCloud, the newest cloud storage service introduced by the Apple has a pretty simple yet beautiful logo. The icon is made from metallic material and has an extruded cloud icon on top of it. You may not know it, but creating this type of icon is actually very easy, and below is the iCloud icon that we will teach you how to draw in this post, using Photoshop! ... More

how to achieve your full potential

7/01/2011 · Global B2B buy sell website: To achieve your full potential, there are four areas of your life you need to assess. This is... ... More

how to whip dance move

The Whip is by far the most popular dance at the moment. The word “whip” itself is popularized slang for a car and the dance resembles just that. It all started with a YouTube video posted by King Imprint titled “New Dance #Whip” in the summer of 2014, although the dance premiered in Atlanta in the early 2000s. To do the Whip, you lift your leg and put your arm out like you’re ... More

how to download dlc dragon age

Download PDF; The Trespasser DLC finally completes the story of Inquisition in interesting ways. Below you'll find a series of quest guides, helpful hints and easter eggs. If you want to see how ... More

how to change the color of the heart on snapchat

16/01/2018 · Follow me in Snapchat fuzzynightmare5 This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue ... More

how to change resolution on ps4 remote play

IFA 2014: Sony's PS4 Remote Play How To: Sony ( for the whole 3 weeks no one play the ps4), the monitor turned up blank even the ps4 has already turn white light. So, i tried with another TV from LG and its works fine. Until now, the problems still occurs. Is there is any problem with the update or the problem is my monitor ? Actually I am using the monitor for my pc and ps4. The pc works ... More

how to change your photo on facebook

Go to your Timeline/profile page, then click "photos" in the left sidebar to see a list of your photo albums, as shown in the image above. Click on the particular album you want to change, then click "Edit Album" when that photo album appears on the right. ... More

how to delete languages from duolingo

28/10/2013 Duolingo teaches you to read, write, listen and speak. And it's extremely effective. In fact, an independent study found that 34 hours on Duolingo are equal to ... More

how to create location map on google

Google maps tutorial (part 5/5): How to create a free heat map with Google Fusion Tables Posted on March 24, 2014 by Mu Lin Tutorial goals : understand the ideas behind Google Fusion Tables heat maps; create an interactive map showing state-by-state U.S. population, as shown in the sample below. ... More

how to change hair in animal crossing new leaf

Visit the post for more. Animal Crossing Case Animal crossing new leaf makeup case acnl character mercury town animal crossing new leaf makeup case saubhaya makeup case animal crossing new leaf hairsjdi org makeup case animal crossing new leaf makeupview co ... More

how to become a midwife sonographer uk

With experience you could become a senior support worker, or train as a midwife or adult nurse. Training opportunities. Apprenticeships In England. Senior Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship - Level 3 - Healthcare Assistant – Huddersfield. Wage : £168.00 Weekly; Location: ... More

how to avoid weight gain during ivf

22/09/2010 · I went up about 5 pounds during my IVF cycle, then gained 30 during the pregnancy and the doctor was always fine with my weight gain. I think the 30 was probably around what I would have gained without IVF. ... More

how to download gamecube games on wii u

Also you can play gamecube games, Metroid prime trilogy, but none are available for dl. I just didn't bother editing my post to add eventually. Also they have those remade for wii gamecube game discs. ... More

how to cancel remember password in facebook

I want to cancel my facebook account can't remember my password. I had an old one but they said it was not the - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist ... More

how to draw a shark step by step video

How Do You Draw A Shark Step By Step How To Draw A Shark Tattoo Step 8 Photo Sullaygila 12 photos of the "How Do You Draw A Shark Step By Step" Related Posts of "How Do You Draw A Shark Step By Step" ... More

how to create a microsoft exchange account on android

12/03/2012 Same Challenge I'm having the same challenge as the OP. The only difference is that I'm running the HTC Sprint Hero with Android 2.1. I have a user here that is using the HTC Sprint Hero with 1.5 and he is not having the problem. ... More

bonpay ico token how to buy

Get Bonpay price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info ... More

how to connect surround to tv

2. Plug a composite audio cable (red and white colored RCA cables) into the "Audio Out" port on the back of the TV and plug the other ends into an empty "Audio In" on the back of the surround … ... More

how to become more comfortable in a relationship

11/07/2012 The thing is though, when we get TOO comfortable in a relationship, some of our less than desirable fundamental characteristics start popping out of the woodwork. What I mean by that, are those personality traits that we all have that are innate, that in terms of a relationship are a surefire killer. Laziness, oversharing, overbearing, unmotivated, low energy, overly introverted We all have ... More

how to get a cat with pancreatitis to eat

8/12/2017 · Hepatic lipidosis, a.k.a. “fatty liver disease,” is a serious and debilitating condition in cats. It’s caused by an overabundance of fat being moved to and deposited within a cat’s liver, which will happen when their body is otherwise “starved” for energy. ... More

how to create relationships in sap programmatically

Hi, I have metadata that stored my table structure and relationship. I would like to know is it possible to create table relationship programatically? ... More

how to create icici net banking account

We, at ICICI Prudential Life, have made this simple and hassle-free for you. Use any of these premium payment options, to make sure your family is always secured. Online Payment. Net banking . Pay online in a few clicks via your net banking account. Click here to pay. ICICI Prudential policyholders can pay premium through Net Banking facility on ICICI Prudential website, to pay premium now ... More

how to clean oil out of pavers

30/01/2009 What Dell User said. You want to spread out some oil-dry on the area and then quite literally grind it into the pavers. (I use an old brick to grind with) It will turn to a powder and really get ... More

samsung gear s2 how to connect to phone with wifi

Alas this is not the case. But, ladies and gentleman, there is hope for other Android handsets. The helpful guys over at XDA have figured out a method of getting the Gear 2 to pair with other non-Samsung Android handsets – handsets like the HTC One M8, LG G2 and Google Nexus 5. ... More

how to choose a college major

Choosing a college major is something that requires much thought and consideration but, in reality, it is just the first step toward developing a foundation that you will continue to ... More

how to cook turnip for baby

Turnips can be cooked in many ways and can be added to soups and salads, among other recipes. Let’s look at a few ways to serve them: Let’s look at a few ways to serve them: Salads: Young or baby turnips which are often harvested at an early stage are delicate and sweet in taste. ... More

how to call edmonton canada from philippines

So, my father called the Public Relations office in Vancouver about this incident and was informed that the Edmonton office of McDonald's would call back about the matter within three business days (the Edmonton corporate office happens to be attached to this particular location). No one called. My dad called Vancouver again. They told him they were immediately going to call the Edmonton ... More

how to create your own video server

If you’re connecting to your new VPN server over the Internet, you’ll need to set up port forwarding so that your router knows to send traffic of that type to the right PC. Log into your router’s setup page and forward port 1723 to the IP address of the computer where you set up the VPN server. ... More

how to cut shapes on ai

I want to "cut" the gear vector shape exactly in the middle of it. Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Illustration, Illustrator. See more: I want you to make an 100% replica in vector of my picture. ... More

how to appear calm and confident

A confident person is usually calm and has easy, natural gestures and mannerisms. By adopting the correct physiology through the techniques just discussed you will add greatly to this. However, pay attention to your actions (but don't dwell!) and, if you find that you're gestures become erratic or large, play them down. Focus on the calm confidence you're trying to show. ... More

how to add album art to itunes manually

The nice thing about manually adding the album art is that iTunes will embed it into the song itself, which is actually a nice feature. That way the artwork will be available in applications other than iTunes. ... More

how to draw an oyster

The Teaching Studios of Art - 115 Audrey Ave, Oyster Bay, New York 11771 - Rated 4.7 based on 29 Reviews "Have taken workshops and classes at the... ... More

how to clean rust off chrome wheels

See more What others are saying "Steel wool to clean your chrome rims. Nothing needed but some elbow grease and a steel wool pad or two. Just rub the chrome and it … ... More

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how to completely delete someone from kik

In this article, we’re going to go through the main ways one can delete their Kik account. How to Delete Kik Account on Your Computer While there is currently no way to permanently delete a Kik account users can deactivate Kik accounts in just a few simple steps.

how to change wmv to mp4 web based platform that enable file conversions from MP4 to WMV with the ease, speed and safety. The firsts step involves uploading the MP4 file, followed by selecting WMV as your target file before going ahead and clicking on the convert button.

how to draw the best

The best social network for artists 5 Best Social Networks for Creative Writing, Photography, Art, Design, and Music 5 Best Social Networks for Creative Writing, Photography, Art, Design, and Music Instead of social networking for exposure, you may want to consider social networking for fellowship. The enthusiasm, guidance, and commiseration that you'll find can work wonders for your creativity.

how to cut mortise and tenon

Create a standard hidden (blind) mortise and tenon joint with just a few tools. If you’re doing woodworking on a shoestring budget, you’ll be happy to know that the only tools you need to cut tight-fitting mortise and tenon joints are a square, knife and marking gauge, a fine-toothed saw, and a

html how to add an image as a background

The CSS background-image property, and the other background-* properties, are used to control background image placement. For example, to place a background image on every paragraph on a page, you could do this:

how to clean egg muffin tin

Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins. Easy, low carb, and freezer friendly, these healthy egg muffin cups are the perfect make ahead breakfast. Add spinach, ham, hashbrowns, or any favorite veggie.

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Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 2H4

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Livingston SCO, Dundee SCO, Paisley SCO, East Kilbride SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B1

Wales: Newport WAL, Newport WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D2