Nova Scotia

how to read an external hard drive on your computer

Fit a smaller SSD drive as your boot/software drive and have the larger, traditional, hard drive for general storage/music. You can get a caddy (there are loads on eBay) to hold the drive in the CD bay. ... More

how to change notification sound on iphone for facebook

31/12/2015 · From in here you can change the facebook notification sounds on iphone 6s to just about anything you want thats available in this section 4. Changing the post option will also change any ... More

how to get sticker glue off clear plastic

Sticky labels can be really hard to remove from plastic bottles. Once you start peeling them and they come part way off, they look really scruffy, leaving a rough ... More

how to create perpare form on indesign

I have to create a fillable PDF from a InDesign file. I try to explain: with ID I'd create a file with text form, tables, images with text forms on them etc.... Now I have to export that in PDF and I want to transform the forms (sorry for the bad english, I'm italian) in fillable ones in PDF. ... More

how to cook seafood cocktail

Don’t be tempted by those overpriced, overcooked shrimp-cocktail party platters at the grocery store. You can make an infinitely more delicious one at home -- here's how. ... More

how to change the blade on a trojan utility knife

How To: Replace the blade of a utility knife By Amie; 12/1/08 10:33 AM. WonderHowTo . This is an instructional video featuring Doug Prime, founder of the Future Engineers Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. This is an instructional on utility knives that are used to cut foam board and cardboard. The blade replacement is integral to this craft or hobby tool's maintenance. Related ... More

youtube how to cook abal abal

Get Textbooks on Google Play. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. ... More

how to remove a shared drive on mac

(Note: For users looking to map drives on Windows, please see Mapping Drives (Shared Folders) on Windows) Getting Access to a Drive. After being granted access to a drive, you must restart your computer before mapping a drive to it. ... More

how to build a stacked stone garden wall

I really like how a stacked stone wall looks in the landscape. I voted for it. I voted for it. I still have my 3-lb, wedge end sledge, brick hammer, and cold chisels, even though I haven't lived anywhere with a slope in 20+ years. ... More

how to avoid ebay money hold time

At this time, any money that was placed on hold is credited back to your PayPal account balance. The merchant can still collect those funds at any time. The merchant can still collect those funds at any time. ... More

how to cook lamb leg steaks in oven

Preheat oven to 200°C. Cook the lentils in a medium saucepan of boiling water for 10 minutes or until just tender. Drain well. Step 2 Combine paprika, cumin and half the oil in a small bowl. Line an oven tray with baking paper. Place carrot, parsnip and shallots … ... More

how to delete iphone contacts all at once

If you want to delete all contacts from iPad, removing them one by one will be a disaster for you. It will cost so much time for you to do that manually. ... More

how to test a hard drive wierd noise

Weird hard drive noise. Forums Components Hard Drives & Storage Weird hard drive noise. Currently, there are 2165 Active Users (431 Members and ... More

how to dance like channing tatum in magic mike

If you look like Channing Tatum, female erotic dancing is like air bending compared to your earth bending like erotic dancing. Not every move is "rigid", but they'll be more exact and precise showing off more masculine themes. ... More

how to become a retained firefighter

To apply to become a retained (on call) firefighter you must: Be aged 18 or over at commencement of the training. You may apply if you are aged between 17 years 6 months and 18 years old as long as you are 18 years old once you commence training. ... More

how to connect solar panels to caravan battery

29/04/2010 · The panel will top up the battery, but only if the sun shines. If the controller is mounted on the panel, then you won't need another controller near the battery. However, if it is a separate item, then mounting it near the battery is the best option as it will compensate for any voltage drop in the cable from the panels to the controller. ... More

how to create search engine like justdial

I would like to add one more lead generation site in India i.e Call Me - Leading Local Search Engine in India, it is India based local business listing provider site offers local area business details through websites, helpline number 8888408888 and mobile app.. ... More

how to add hola to chrome

hola vpn chrome extension to add - Android VPN download #hola vpn chrome extension to add iPad VPN downloadBest VPN🔥 how to hola vpn chrome extension to add for last update member of staff soon arranged a hola vpn chrome extension to add test drive and answered any questions we had. ... More

how to add friends on steam with limited account

Limited User Accounts - Steam Support. For example, if a friend is already on Steam and has spent $5 USD or more from the Steam store, they will be able to add you as a friend from your Steam Community profile. ... More

how to clean black shiny floor tiles

19/03/2017 Just built a house and want to know if anyone has a quick and effective way of cleaning shiny black tiles without leaving smears....I don't want to... ... More

how to change ntp server

Here’s how to change your time server from what ever it is now to another NTP server. I’m going to use in my example. I’m going to use in my example. To check the status of your current time server settings ... More

how to become a phone tester

9/12/2016 Understand what the job entails. Expect the conditions for beta testing to vary from company to company and project to project. Some may rely totally on telecommuting, while others may require you to report via phone or even in person. ... More

how to add gmail addresses to domain

You can add more than one email address to the From field by selecting the emails from your account. For example, you can choose one from a Gmail address, another from, and a few others, and then use the Filter messages like this option to immediately copy all of those email addresses ... More

how to add mixed fractions together

When adding and subtracting mixed numbers, split them into “whole” parts and “fractions” parts, then add or subtract separately. Put these pieces back together at the end. Put these pieces back together … ... More

how to become a forensic scientist australia

Find your ideal job at SEEK with 15 forensic science jobs found in All Australia. View all our forensic science vacancies now with new jobs added daily! View all our forensic science vacancies now with new jobs added daily! ... More

how to clear crypto key on cisco asa

To use this tool, simply copy & paste your 'type 7' password in the provided field below and click on the 'Submit' button. The system will then process and reveal the text-based password. ... More

how to become a post primary school teacher in ireland

Describes post-primary education, including how to choose a post-primary school and enrol your child. Contact Us If you have a question relating to this topic you can contact the Citizens Information Phone Service on 0761 07 4000 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm) or you can visit your local Citizens Information Centre . ... More

how to cook pork bones and watercress& 39

Once both pots are boiling place your raw meat into one pot and let your meat cook just long enough so that the blood within the bones start to cook, you will know this is happening when you see a layer of foam coat the surface of the water (see pot on left side in the image below). Once your meat/bones … ... More

how to create a good job description

28/12/2018 · To create a job description template, start with “Job Title,” which you might want to bold so it gets the most attention. Then, add “Supervisor,” so candidates will know who they’ll report to. Next, provide a significant amount of space for the “Job Summary,” along with lines for a breakdown of the job… ... More

how to draw a bar graph of 4 numbers matlab

I would like to plot a bar chart exactly like the on in the picture below. What I am not able to do is to plot 2 sets of data, one on the left-hand side of the "0" and the one on the right-hand side respectively, using each one a different scale on the x-axis. ... More

pterodactyl panel how to add a server

Search for jobs related to How to create admin panel in php for website or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 15m+ jobs. It's free to sign up … ... More

how to clean crocs with fur

The Scottish designer showed a stand-out collection at Tate Britain on Monday that perfectly encapsulated his twisted beauty aesthetic - and in that vein, was grounded by the so-called ugly shoes beloved of chefs, hospital workers and surfers on account of their "spray clean" qualities. ... More

how to change pin on nab credit card

I have been issued a new nab visa debit card and had signed and posted the form but one of the accounts (i have 2) 1 is a nab reward savers and the other is just a visa debit account under the 1 card i have been issued but its not activated. ... More

how to add a friend& 39

19/12/2018 · Friend Requests / Add Me. Looking to make new friends to race and compete against in game? Post here! ... More

how to build a annex

We've had plans drawn up to build a two storey annex (large sitting room, tiny kitchen, hall and loo downstairs, two double bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, with its own staircase, and its own front door) on to our detached house. ... More

how to change google search theme

1: Search for the theme on play store by name and download it. After downloading it you need to open the launcher settings and go into the skin bar, from there you can select the theme that you have download and click on apply. Your Google Nexus 6P device may restart when applying the theme. ... More

sunbeam slow cooker coles how to cook adding water

This is a great slow cooker. I like that it is all in one pot - sear and cook. Very easy to clean and easy use. I love that it has fast, slow and different heating options. ... More

how to draw a square

The icon is a square defined by a dashed line. Create a new layer by going to Layer, New and choose Layer. Click and drag to draw a rectangular selection. ... More

how to add a youtube account to facebook

To add an existing Instagram account to your Facebook Page: To add an existing Instagram account to your Page, Select Log in. Enter your Instagram account's username and password, and select Log in. Your Instagram account should now be connected to your Facebook Page. Whenever you use your Facebook Page to create ads, your Instagram account will show the same ads on Instagram… ... More

how to make your skin smooth and clear naturally

Drinking the right amount of water, maintaining the right amount of sleep and eating healthy diet will make your skin younger and softer. These home remedies take some time to give the result. So, have some patience and be regular with your skin care regime to get softer and healthier skin. ... More

how to break binge eating habits

Once Binge Eating Disorder develops, it can become an endless cycle of binge urges, binge eating and binge guilt. You then try to ‘undo the damage’ you’ve done from binge eating with other unhealthy practises, such as over-exercising or restrictive eating, which eventually leads to another binge. ... More

how to change permanently dimension font size in solidworks drawing

We can now move this text to another spot on the screen, select it and change the text font, size, style, et cetera, or use the draw tab to add some more linework. We can also add text using the “Add text” tool on the draw tab, but it will not be driven by any of the project or drawing properties. ... More

division how to change ammo

Other prohibited modifications include those which facilitate faster reloading (e.g. flared, enlarged and/or add-on magwells, etc.), changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes, stippling or other embellishments. ... More

how to create autofill in excel

Excel is both complex and wonderful because of its redundancies. No matter what youre attempting to do, theres often two, three, or more ways to do it. ... More

how to move star citizen to another drive

Star Citizen is getting facial tracking so your character’s face will talk and move with you. Facial tracking isn’t an entirely new technology – we’ve seen it implemented in games a few ... More

how to build a professional wardrobe on a budget

Periodic Shopping When operating under a tight budget, it may not be wise to drop a lot of cash on a wardrobe for the office. Instead of making one large shopping trip, pick up essential pieces first. ... More

how to grow out a pixie cut gracefully

A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Out a Pixie Cut. Find a hairstylist you can trustsomeone who will take your growing-out goal seriously and understands how to transition a haircut from pixie to a bob and beyond. ... More

how to eat chocolate hot cross buns

Enjoy these divine hot cross buns instead – gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free with a hint of spice and zesty citrus, super healthy! Plus a yum dark chocolate finishing touch, heaven. Plus a yum dark chocolate finishing touch, heaven. ... More

how to change pin number suncorp

news Tier two banking and insurance giant Suncorp has picked Oracles next-generation banking platform to replace its ageing Hogan core banking system, as the momentum around core banking replacement projects accelerates in Australia. ... More

how to add apps from computer to samsung s7 edge

Rate plans, add-ons and entertainment Connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to the computer using the USB cable. Touch Apps. Touch Settings. Touch Connections. Touch Mobile hotspot and tethering. Touch USB tethering. The phone is now tethered. On the computer, wait for the device drivers to install, then click Home network. Wait while the computer automatically applies the settings and ... More

how to buy a digital microscope

Buying a digital microscope with an incorporated camera. We use a hand-held digital microscope from the DinoLite range . Microscopes like this can be connected to a computer (PC or Mac) and come with very user-friendly software to acquire still images or movies. ... More

how to clean used paint brushes

Follow @Hamilton_Decor. Always clean your painting tools immediately after use. The process of cleaning your paint brush will vary depending on the type of brush and the type of paint. ... More

how to break my water at 37 weeks

ok Im 36-37 weeks pregnant,and ive been leaking some kind of fluid,its clear but sometimes it has some white discharge looking stuff in it. Ive went to the Dr. about it but he says it could be just pregnancy discharge, but it doesnt look like discharge, it looks just like water would but sometimes ... More

how to clean stains out of carpet

To do this at home, fill a large cup or bucket with water (depending on how big the stain is) and soak the stain.The water will help the stain start to loosen from the carpet. Squirt a small amount of light dishwashing detergent onto a clean cloth and rub the stain in a circular motion. ... More

how to create more than one webpage on apache

Windows XP Professional will not allow you to host more than one site. I recommend that you simply use Apache to avoid the entire mess. However, if you do have Windows 2003 Server, you can simply open up the Internet Information Server control panel, right-click on "websites," and select "New: Website" to make a new virtual host. ... More

how to delete personal from google

The recent hack of Facebook compromised the personal information of 30 million people. Here's how you can delete your account from the major websites and... ... More

how to add photo to linkedin profile

Add an image to capture the attention of your audience on LinkedIn. Design elements that complement each other (e.g., different colors, image sizes, etc.) make your hero image much more interesting. Share Your Mission ... More

how to become fit in 2 months

Month 2- Crazy Intense Month Month 2 is Crazy Intense. I hope you enjoyed your active recover month because you will be glad you did it now that this month is starting up again. ... More

how to cook with peri sauce

Scroll down a little further and you can see we have many categories of recipes for you to choose from! ... More

how to become a certified rehabilitation counselor

Donna in Brandon, Florida said: I started as a vocational rehab counselor with a BS degree but soon realized I needed to go back to school. I earned a MA in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and became nationally certified in Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC). ... More

how to download gba for android

GBA is stands Game Boy Advance which is 32 bit handheld video game console at time of March 21,2001 however GBA right now discontinued for public and there is so many games you can play with GBA(Game boy Advance) gaming console while as you need a GBA video game console to play GBA games No! there is GBA iOS emulator is available to play GBA ... More

how to add tsa precheck to qantas

TSA PreCheck was introduced a while back, and at the time I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It certainly revolutionized the airport experience for the road warrior at the time — you got access to a special lane, could leave your laptop and liquids in your bag, and could leave your shoes on. ... More

how to calculate speedometer drive gears

For a chain-driven bike, these will be the # of teeth on the front sprocket and the # of teeth on the rear. For a shaft-driven bike, this is the # of teeth on the pinion and the # of teeth on the ring gear. This may also be expressed as a ratio. ... More

how to cook vegetable kare kare

Kare Kare is a classic Filipino slow-cook stew, usually using oxtail and/or ox tripe, with deliciously thick deep yellow peanut sauce with some vegetables. ... More

how to create a promissory note

How to Write a Promissory Note. The point of having this note is to ensure that a debt is repaid. This kind of document is legally enforceable and it will help ensure that … ... More

how to delete email address from gmail on ipad

23/05/2012 I get all email on the iPad as well as the PC and must now delete on each device. Gmail can be used to handle email for just about any email address, even non-Gmail addresses. I'll show you how, and why it's worth considering. 2 Comments Mark J May 24, 2012 12:27 AM With POP3, there's also an option with most email clients where you can configure it to leave the mail on the ... More

how to become a structural engineer

What is engineering? Well, we can say; making things happen is engineering. Its a great field to work. I am going to talk about Structural Engineers. ... More

how to build a hi-fi stereo system

Separates as a term refers to component hi-fi systems - what some might call a 'stacking system' - where each unit has its own function, e.g. an amplifier, CD player and turntable. ... More

how to change guitar strings with fender locking tuners

28/01/2013 The actual end of the string can't slip thru the hole once it's properly wrapped using a regular tuner, especially the Fender "stick the end in the hole" type, but the wrap can tighten or loosen to change things. ... More

how to clean car tires naturally

Three Steps to Clean Your Car Tires Materials: The very first thing you need to do is gather all the stuff needed, including two buckets, soap, and a hose. Wash Your Tires With Soap: It is time to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and other external elements. ... More

how to cook carrots and beans

Sweet-sour beans and carrots recipe. Learn how to cook great Sweet-sour beans and carrots . deliver fine selection of quality Sweet-sour beans and carrots recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. ... More

how to clean crab kerala

How to clean the crab: Turn the crab on its back and remove the triangular shaped flap called the apron and discard. Hold the crab vertically and pull the top shell (called the carapace) away from the body and set aside. Remove the gills/lungs and discard. Remove the mandible (mouth) and discard. Rinse the body [] ... More

wow how to fully delete a managed set

The McAfee Security Suite Personal Firewall has default security levels set to block remotely initiated connections. These settings help protect your computer from malicious activities. ... More

how to create new profile in firefox

Create a new profile. Create a new shortcut so that you can launch the browser running the secondary profile even if another instance runs using the first profile. Configure the second version of Firefox so that plugins are enabled at all times, or set to click to play. ... More

how to cook sweet potato fries for baby

Similar recipes. Also see other recipes similar to the recipe for healthy sweet potato fries for baby. ... More

how to break up peppermint bark

Try making this simple seven ingredient peppermint bark recipe this holiday season. Smooth dark chocolate, a peppermint coconut butter layer, and crushed candy canes is the perfect combination for a healthy Christmas candy. ... More

how to build an arched bridge over a creek

The piss Arched bridge plans Garden Bridge. Hullo members 1 built bridge Arched garden bridge plans ended my stream creek. Choose the good garden bridge plans before st How to construct vitamin A arching Garden Bridges pond percolate physical eubstance expression 559 325 2597. This Bridge Is Meant To beryllium Built Over angstrom unit Ravine Or rain buckets reach Crafted arcuate Simple Arched ... More

how to put text in document create element

In order to set the value of a text input field element in a form, we can use the following code: oFormObject.elements["element_name"].value = 'Some Value'; Let us look at an example to illustrate how to set the value of the text input element through javascript. ... More

how to add feature area to attribute table qgis

Open the attribute table and select all sea areas (OBJTYPE = Havflate). While the areas are selected, right-click on the layer name in the left column and select "Save Selection As...". Save the shapefile with a new name ("NO_Havflate_pol.shp"). ... More

how to cut potatoes into chips for the bbq

When your craving for potato chips, try this spiral potato recipe at home instead of store-bought chips. I always wonder how these potatoes are beautifully skewered in spirals. Thought it might be of continuous experience. No, it is not. The potatoes are cut with a custom spiral cutter/potato slicer machine which gives the perfect spiral shape. As i did not have one at home, I resorted to the ... More

windows 10 how to create a n auto boot disk

Installing Windows 10 How to install Windows 10 from USB with UEFI support Here are two easy ways to create a bootable USB media to install Windows 10 on PCs using UEFI. ... More

how to clear red spots on face

Apply on rough spots right after bathing when skin is still damp to seal the moisture in. This will definitely help soften the feel and look of pimple-like bumps, though keep in mind that it won’t help prevent the condition from forming if you’re genetically prone. ... More

how to add adventure maps to minecraft

Minecraft maps are custom-created worlds that players The choice of the edifice to create depends on what you need for your adventure map. Step 3: Add the details. After building the structure, you need to append the details. Use any of the following ways to achieve your objective; Sign Dialogue: Here you use a symbol to deliver the dialogue the player is speaking to or by. If speaking to ... More

how to become a counsellor with a psychology degree uk

Earning a bachelor's degree is the first step for prospective counseling psychologists. Students can earn a degree in a related field, such as education or psychology, or in an unrelated liberal ... More

how to decide to move house or not

Print Moving out of home. There are many reasons why young people choose to leave home. Some move out because they want more independence or they have work or study that makes moving … ... More

how to clean bwll marka off drivers

These programs and drivers include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. Autoruns reports Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, auto-start services, and much more. ... More

how to add superior drummer in logic

Getting the best sound out of Superior Drummer (self.WeAreTheMusicMakers) submitted 3 years ago by sleepspentt For a while now, I've resorted to electronic drums in my (very amateur) productions because I could never get the sound I wanted out of drum-kits on Superior Drummer. ... More

how to become a cybersecurity expert in india

The Cyber Security Foundry was also launched. It is a hub for world-leading technical expertise, industry collaboration, training of security professionals, and the development of new security solutions. ... More

how to cut a stump level

27/04/2009 2) when digging around the stump, there could be LOTS of roots to cut thru, and it may just be straight up impossible to actually dig. you can cut the roots with the chainsaw, but that will dull the chain faster than you can say "dirt". or, you can hack thru the roots with an axe or the shovel. once again, very difficult and time consuming to do... ... More

how to become a commercial leasing agent

Job Description. Simply put, leasing agents try to get renters into their properties. Typically a leasing agent, who may also be called a leasing consultant, works for a company that owns and/or manages buildings, either commercial or residential. ... More

how to download lineage 2 on nox player

17/10/2015 · Fixed Lineage 2 Revolution display issue in DX mode [02/08/2018] Preloaded a Facebook Lite version that is compatible with Nox App Player 2. Removed Nova Launcher and the app drawer, using Nox own launcher now, all newly installed games/apps will be displayed on the main screen directly 3. New video recording feature, users could record their game play with ease. It’s … ... More

how to delete saved autofill urls chrome

Microsoft Edge and other web browsers as well allow people to save passwords and other log-in credentials for the regularly visited sites. This feature also makes it easier for people to fill frequently used information by collecting it and auto-filling in forms. ... More

state of decay how to build home

State of Decay is a free-roam survival game that pits your zombie apocalypse survival skills to the test. Here are the basics that will make everything less complicated for you. Here are the basics that will make everything less complicated for you. ... More

how to call saudi arabia cell phone from usa

Send free text to Saudi Arabia using SENDaTEXT. Using internet, you can send free text messages to Saudi Arabia. Simply enter the phone number on the dialpad and click on "Send". You can now send free texts to Saudi Arabia mobile and landline phones from your computer or smartphone. Send a message to your loved ones in Saudi Arabia today! ... More

how to add a email on telstra

The email addresses provided on this site are for the use of TelstraSuper members only. Use of these for the purpose of unsolicited contact by commercial enterprises is prohibited under the Spam Act 2003 ... More

how to draw a realistic hill

Welcome to my gallery of realistic charcoal and graphite pencil drawings. Click the links below to enter various galleries to see my artwork and inspiration. For those of you interested in learning my drawing techniques, I have several drawing lessons and tutorials here that take you step by step how I create my work. NOTE: Please REFRESH THIS PAGE to see the latest updates. NEW I now have a ... More

how to change my life drastically

This story on how to change your life is inspiring, empowering and intimate. I feel very lucky to have found her. Enjoy! I still dont have everything figured out, but my life has changed drastically for the better. Here are 12 important lessons Ive learned about making positive and lasting change in this precious life of ours. 1. Be Honest with Yourself . Dont underestimate ... More

how to cook couscous youtube

14/05/2018 Article SummaryX. To prepare store-bought couscous, line the bottom of a casserole dish with 3 cups of couscous spread in a thin layer. Bring 4.5 cups of ... More

how to build an external house wall using weatherboard cladding

Using a breathable building paper, apply wrap to the wall as per specifications. All claddings may leak to some extent and wrapping stops moisture from getting into the framing or insulation, damaging the internal linings, or seeping lower into the building. ... More

how to close alarmy account

Help the clock to wake up the sleeping monster by solving different point and click puzzles along the way. ... More

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how to draw a manatee youtube

Step 6: Draw the other fin by making a semi-circle on the bottom of the body, just behind the head. Your Manatee is now done! Manatees are often grey if you want to color your manatee, but sometimes they can be brown! If you want to try something different, consider adding

how to break into cars at night

This is the moment a thief casually strolls up to a Range Rover and takes less than 30 seconds to break into the vehicle and drive it away in a car hacking theft.

how to cook rice in a cast iron skillet

A preheated cast-iron skillet enables the batter to start cooking immediately and causes it to puff. Cook the bananas while the Dutch baby is in the oven, so they'll be done at the same time. Cook the bananas while the Dutch baby is in the oven, so they'll be done at the same time.

how to clean your white mx boots

Cleaning White Vans Cleaning Shoes Cleaning White Canvas Shoes Clean Canvas Shoes Cleaning White Clothes Diy Clean Shoes Cleaning Sperrys Clean Toms Shoes Cleaning Converse Forward 9 Ridiculous Ideas Can Change Your Life: Shoes Illustration Artists woven leather shoes.Valentino Shoes Street Style prom shoes diy.Womens Shoes Toms..

how to clean dirty edits

6/06/2015 · I'm installing TTW for the first time and had to redownload vanilla versions of both games from Steam and have a few questions. I always clean the base and DLC .esms before adding mods or trying to play the game.

how to clean the lead on stained glass

The best tips to clean stained glass is to spray the lemon solution on the glass and wipe it with a clean and dry, lint-free cloth or paper towel. Rub Onion The best tip to clean stained glass is by rubbing an onion directly over the stain.

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