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why albany
Albany is the capital city of the U.S. state of New York, the seat of Albany County, and the central city of New York’s Capital District.

Roughly 150 miles (240 km) north of New York City, Albany sits on the west bank of the Hudson River. Albany has close ties with the nearby cities of Troy, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs, forming a region called the Capital District.

→ Take the 60 second tour. View photos of Albany.
→ Transportation… Traveling to Albany is a breeze.
→ Hungry? We’ve got amazing restaurants and bars.
→ Relax! Albany is filled with amazing parks and recreation.
→ Albany goes back to 1686. We have a very rich history.

+ We have an Egg, the size of a building…really we do!

+ Albany is the oldest continuous settlement in the original 13 English colonies. And we ain’t stoppin’ now.

+ The very first passenger railroad in America was the Mohawk and Hudson River Railroad in Albany. Choo Choo!

+ The first time that Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, Clara Harris, Henry Rathbone, and John Wilkes Booth ever saw each other was in Albany. Oh boy.

+ Toilet paper was invented and patented in Albany. You’re welcome.

+ Herman Melville lived here for a while. Though there’s no whale-watching here. Don’t hold it against us.

+ The Ferris wheel was invented by an RPI graduate.

Here’s a fact, we got these fun facts from, a site where you can learn more about this great region.

There’s a lot of serious talent that peppers the landscape of the sprawling Capital Region (including Albany, Schenectady and Troy). While we regularly have our own meetups, like Social Media Breakfast and BuildGuild, one thing remains constant: we’re all serious about our craft and we’re constantly networking and becoming friends.

Some of the talent you’ll find in the area includes:
Greane Tree Technology
outspoken media
iron to iron
burst marketing
mountain media
enable labs

How could we talk about our neck of the woods and not mention robots and Roger?

ANSWER: We can’t. Roger would feel right at home as the Albany area is home to a world-renowned hospital that employs robots during surgical procedures.

Told ya, a lot of talent and tech in this area. Plus, there’s a local program that focuses on Social Robotics, teaching our youth the importance of creating robots that can work alongside, and collaborate with, humans in real world environments.